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8 Awesome Websites Where You Can Download Free Stock Photos


To increase the value of your content, you will certainly need other media aside from just plain text.

One of the most important types of media content is photos. It would be great if you have your own photo, but what if you don’t have a photo that will ideally convey your message?

The first thing that you might think as an answer to your problem is to use search engines such as Google to find images across the web. Since this might be the best way to find photos, you will most likely be stepping on other people’s copyright if you indiscriminately use photos from Google Images.

With the growing importance exerted on protecting intellectual properties, it will be very easy to get caught on copyright violation.

However, if you have money to spare, then you can easily buy license to use a photo.

Nevertheless, if you’re like most people, you want to use photos without paying a single dime. Thankfully, I have listed here websites where you can download stock photos for free. Check out our list below.

1. EveryStockPhoto


EveryStockPhoto magnificently provides a wealth of free photos. It’s very easy to use and its navigational interface gives you the best search experience.

You can simply type your keyword on their search tab. You will then be presented with numerous results depending upon the keyword you used.

Browse the search result and if you finally have a photo you like, click and you will instantly be given information about the photo such as the source, title, resolution, photographer, and of course, its license status.

2. Wikimedia Commons


Wikimedia Commons is by far my personal favourite since they have more than 16 million free media that ranges from photos to videos. The best thing about Wikimedia Commons is that it offers more than a photo. This means that it will give you a brief background or information about your keyword. For example, you type in Abraham Lincoln, Wikimedia Commons will give you a quick overlook of who Abraham Lincoln was in different languages.

When you choose a photo, it’ll display the description of the photo, the date it was taken, its source, author, and its permission to use. Below the image are some related or other versions of the photo you chose.

3. Flickr

Flickr is once one the most popular photo-sharing site in the World Wide Web. Since the proliferation of its other competitors such as Instagram, it has waned in popularity. However, it still has myriads of beautiful and useful photos.

When using Flickr, just make sure you’re in their creative commons page. In that page, you will find the different types of public domain license and each of them is discussed briefly. This way, you will have a fair understanding of what public domain licenses are.

Once you’re in their creative commons page, type in your search query word. When you found the most relevant photo, click it and you’ll be led to a slideshow to view it. Below, you will find some information about the photo. However, you need to click the “Some rights reserved” link to learn its copyright description. The link is under Additional Info subheading, just below the Tags.

4. Morgue File


If you’re looking for high-resolution photos, you can go to Morgue File where thousands of public domain photos are located. All you have to do is go to their homepage, type in your keyword, and then you will be presented with different results.

The search results offered in Morgue File also include photos from Dreamstime, iStock, DepositPhotos, and Fotolia. Therefore, you can easily view free photos from other websites through Morgue File. Just make sure to check out the creative commons status to be certain that the photo can freely be used.

5. Stock.xchng


Stock.xchng offers over 350,000 stock photos taken by more than 30,000 photographers. One thing that may annoy you is their small font, but I’m sure you can easily overlook that problem as you begin to browse their website.

Type in your search keyword in their search tab. The first line of photos presented is the premium photos that come with a price. So scroll down a little bit to find the free photos. Click a free photo and below it, you will find view image license to make sure that it’s really in public domain. At the right side, you will find information such as the photo details, who uploaded it, how many downloads were already made with the photo, and others.

6. Creative Commons


This is actually a search engine specializing in finding media contained in the public domain. Aside from photos, you will find audio and video files as well.

Use their site search tab to look for relevant photos. Creative Commons will allow you to browse photos from Europeana, Flickr, Fotopedia, Google, Google Images, Jamendo, Open Clip Art Library, SpinXpress, Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, Pixabay, ccMixter, and SoundCloud.

While the website is more adept in finding photos in public domain, just double check the license of the photo to be extra sure. I have experienced using Creative Commons and it returned licensed images.

7. Free Photos Bank


Go to their homepage and you will find a quick navigation tab. When you click it, you will be presented with various categories of photos you might want to look for. Scroll down below and you will find the RANDOM FREE PHOTOS.

Below that, you will find the Search for photos tab. As usual, the first line of photos is premium content. Scroll down and you will find the free stock photos.

8. Stockvault.net


Stockvault should be also one of your top choices. You can find textures for your web design aside from photos. When you are in the search result page, scroll down a little bit to find free photos. Click a photo and below it, you will find the information, usage guidelines, and EXIF.

These are the best websites where you can find a great selection of free and high quality stock photos. With these websites, I am sure that you will find the best photos for your content and you will never have to complain of having no choices.

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