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10 Sites To Find High Quality Stock Photos + Royalty-free Images (2016)


One of the most common mistakes bloggers do is to use any image they find in Google Images.

While Google offers a lot of magnificent and wonderful images, it should be noted that a majority of the photos found in the internet are not free and should not be used in respect to its copyright.

Copyright infringement is as big an issue as plagiarism itself.

Because of how we are becoming more of a digital world, it is now easier to use and share photos that we don’t have the right to use.

While there are many free photos that you can find categorized in public domain, there are also some premium photos that come with a price. Of course, if you’re really serious with your site content, you need to purchase photos.

Using public domain photos will most likely put you in a spot where other people have already used that photo. In addition to this, most high-quality photos come with a price.

The power of premium photos can easily increase your level of professionalism and will help you rank better in search engine return page.

In this post, let us go through some of the best websites where you can find premium photos.

1. IStockPhoto


IstockPhoto - This is one of the most popular site where you can buy photos. Since it is also popular with photographers who look for people who would like to buy their work, IStockPhoto quickly rose above the competition. The website work by credits; which means that each of their premium photos are priced with a particular number of credits.

2. Fotolia


Aside from being the primary source of the popular game Four Picks, One Word, Fotolia is known across the globe because of its affordable subscription plan and high quality images. There’s really no limit to how many images you can download per day, as long as it is within your subscription plan. The downloaded files never expire as long as you renew your subscription. So if you downloaded a photo today, you can still retain its copyright for a long period of time provided that you retain your subscription.

3. Vivo Zoom


Another website to consider is the Vivo Zoom. It has a large selection of photos and its pricing is about 50% cheaper compared to iStockPhoto.

The website guarantees all images are unique and doesn’t have any similarities with others. The stock photos of Vivo Zoom are created by hundreds of micro-stock contributors from around the world.

4. IClipArt


Over 7.8 million images are stock in iClipArt. Therefore, you will never run out of choice if you subscribe to them.

They also offer a subscription plus that will give you 1 year single user license for only $99.95. Another subscription type is the professional subscription type for $295 that can be used within 1 year.

5. BigStock


BigStock has a massive collection of high-quality photos. They have images that include good for background, vectors, business, technology, conceptual, people, and isolated photos.

If you’re unsure about choosing BigStock, you can avail of their Unlimited Free Trial. By just creating a free account, you can start downloading 1 image a month for unlimited times. This will help you decide whether BigStock is the right choice or not. Read their pricing and subscription option.

If you think that the pricing above is not what you need, you can always contact BigStock and discusses with them your preference, budget, and need.

6. 500 PX

500 PX

This is among the top premium photography marketplaces where you can find high quality stock photos. It boasts of over 65 million photos from 7 million photographers around the globe. Because of the wide photo selection in 500 PX, you will be happy to find a lot of photos that had not been used before. Therefore, there is a bigger chance that you will be the first one to use them and create a unique content.

Their pricing starts at $35.

7. Veer


Veer focuses on its customers by delivering high-quality photos with the least convenience and stress. They enable you to be as creative as possible by providing a wide range of photos arrange in different categories and tags. In addition to photos, they also have stock illustrations and fonts.

Pricing starts at $2.

8. Depositphotos


Founded in 2009, Depositphotos is among the best source of professional photos that will take your project to a new level. They have over 33 million photos in stock and with a simple search, you will find the right photo for your need. They serve over 192 countries and offer 24/7 customer service in 20 languages.

Pricing starts at $1.06.

9. Pixtastock


With over 15.5 million photos to choose from, you can instantly download images with a simple click of a button. Their stock photos are ideal for TV commercials, publications, goods packaging, and smartphone packages. Since all their photos are royalty free, you can use the photos for anything you need once you have purchased the photo from them.

Pricing starts at $0.26.

10. StockPhoto Secrets

StockPhoto Secrets

StockPhoto is among the leading source of vivid and vibrant images. They regularly provide special deals and promos to their customers. The website has a wide selection of photos ranging from nature to abstract.

Their prices start at $0.06 per image.

11. Dreamstime


Considered to be one of the largest communities in stock photos, Dreamstime contains about 40 million royalty-free stock images, vectors, and even video footages. Their images include abstract, animals, business, editorial, illustrations, arts, architecture, clipart, nature, people, technology, travel, and so much more.

Their prices start at $0.21 per image.

12. Shutterstock


This is among the most popular websites when it comes to photos. They have over 70 million stock photos, vectors, and videos to choose from. You can browse their photo library by category or by using keywords. To make things even better, they now offer the all-new Shutterstock editor that allows you to edit pictures.

Their prices start at $59 per month.

13. 123RF


Their website states that they have over 51 million stock images, vectors, videos and audio clips. They have different images to choose from as well. You can have the traditional photos, vectors, icons, and infographics.

Their prices start at $49 per 5 images.

14. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

This website is backed up by one of the world’s famous companies, Adobe. This company is known for their photo-editing software programs. So it is not a great surprise if you find over 45 million royalty-free and high-quality photos, illustrations, graphics, and videos. You can either pay per image or choose a subscription.

Their prices start at $9 per image.

Final Words

These are just some of the websites that you can go to when you want to buy high quality stock photos. Just keep in mind your need and budget so that you will be able to find the best photos from the best vendor.

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