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8 Free High-quality Ios 7 Psds

iOS (Operating System for iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. developed by Apple, Inc.) is one of the leading OS among mobile Internet users today, aside from Windows, Android and Blackberry. Sometimes, there may be a need to use mock-up designs or PSD (Photoshop) files for your designing purposes. In this article, we are going to give you some cool and high-quality iOS PSD files.

List of Free High-Quality iOS 7 PSDs

Here are 8 high-quality iOS 7 PSD files for free:

1. Teehan+Lax iOS 7 GUI PSD


This is a Photoshop (PSD) template of the iOS7’s beta release version. It has just about every graphical element present in the iOS’s interface, especially the solid and sharp icons. It also includes an iPhone 5 design (white and black) and some sample screens. The icons are detailed and very much like the original, and each set on the PSD file is well-organized by labels. And, of course, the iPhone designs are exactly 640 x 1136 pixels to assure standard quality.

2. Applidium: Introducing iOS 7 GUI PSD


This is yet another great PSD file for your iOS 7 prototyping and designing needs. The elements of the PSD include the following: navigation bar, status bar, tool bar, search bar, tab bar, progress bar, scope bar, segmented control, sliders, switches, steppers, alert popup, typing keyboard, list view and control center. The designs are sharp as well.

3. Apple iPhone 5 (iOS 7): PSD | PNG | ICO | ICNS by davinci1993


The designs on this PSD file for iOS 7 mock-up interfaces and projects are also highly-detailed. It has a rather light color compared to others but nonetheless great. The iPhone (iPhone 5) comes in two colors too, white and black. The package also includes high-resolution PNG files, ICO and ICNS files.

4. iOS 7 UI Components by Graphic Burger


This iOS 7 UI is a great, clean, smooth PSD of the Apple operating system. It even has unique designs for various other apps, not just iOS exclusive apps. The colors are very light and minimal, for those who are looking for a minimalistic approach on their iOS 7 mock-up designs.

5. MediaLoot Free iOS 7 UI Kit


In this iOS 7 PSD, all the vector components and elements are freely editable to your wish. The icons, graphic elements, typography and all others have smooth, clear-crisp graphics. It includes various elements such as the iPhone itself (of course), music library, keyboard, settings/label, icons and miscellaneous menus.

6. All of iOS 7 's icons Beta 1 [PSD] by mozainuddin


If you are in need of iOS 7 icons, then this is a really huge package that you must download (which is free). It has a lot of icons such as: messages, camera, mail, phone, reminders, notes, maps, video, photo, game center, stocks, iTunes store, App store, weather, and much more.


7. Download iOS7 UI Kit PSD by Satish Patel


This is yet another free iOS 7 PSD you can download. It has easily-customizable vector elements and other icons as well, like deviantART, YouTube, Yahoo!, Last.fm, Orkut, StumbleUpon and many others.

8. iOS 7 style icons of social media FREE PSD by despoth


Here is another free iOS 7 PSD that has 18 flat but fully-editable shapes of social icons like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and many others, including 3 backgrounds and home screen elements. The layers are also arranged neatly with named groups and colored tags for easier access.


If you are working on a mock-up project that requires iOS 7, here are some great PSD files you can use freely. Share this with your friends, too!

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