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10 Awesome And Free Backend Dashboard Templates And Admin Panels


When it comes to managing your blogs and posts, you definitely need a reliable dashboard and admin panel. Since we’re now living in a fast-paced world, sometimes, it is not enough to just work hard, but you need to work faster and smarter.

And you can do that by changing your default admin panel to a much more creative and (sometimes) fun design that will help you deal with your backend dashboard much easier.

In this post, I’ll show you 10 of the most powerful and impressive dashboard templates and admin panels. All these are packed with various features and stunning design. The best thing about the list I’m about to give is that all of them are FREE! So check out our list and see how you can personalize your workspace and improve your website’s effectiveness.

List of free backend admin panels and dashboard templates

Here is a list of the 10 best and free backend dashboard templates and admin panels we could find on the Web:

1. Charisma


This admin template has nine different themes to choose from and had been built with Twitter Bootstrap. It is a high-quality HTML5 template for admin or backend.

2. My Ecommerce Admin Template


This is an admin template that is best suited for those who are running E-commerce websites or business sites. It is quite simple and easy to operate and manage.

3. HTML5 Admin


Here is yet another HTML5 interface template for your convenience. It also supports jQuery and has a neat and clean appearance.

4. BlueWhale Admin Template


If you are looking for something blue, here is a nice template for you. The good thing about this is its ability to adjust to your screen size and is based on 960 Grid CSS.

5. Admin Panel Template


Here is a stylish and modern way of managing your admin panel. With its social media-style graphics, you are sure to keep things in track on your side.

6. Spring Time


Here is another free admin template that is customized to a certain feel. If you want something with bright, happy colors, then Spring Time might just be for you.

7. Admin Panel


If you want something much more modern and still clean and corporate, this is a great starter for you. It has a blue-white appearance and a clean design.

8. Admin Praise Lite


If you are working on a Joomla site, here is a nice green-black theme that is just for you.

9. Yellow


If you want a yellow theme, then this is the one for you. It is quite simple but will sure to brighten your atmosphere up as you work on your site.

10. Profi Admin


Profi Admin has a corporate design as well, very neat and the icons are what make the template unique and captivating.


In any working environment, sometimes beauty and flexibility of a design can motivate and at the same time, save you time and effort in managing your site content.
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