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10 Free Blogger Templates That Uses Html5

Blogger is still one of the most popular, free and easy-to-setup blogging platforms / services on the web today. With the dawn of the new technology this year (2013), we had to collect some HTML5-powered Blogger templates for anyone to use freely.

List of free HTML5 Blogger Templates

Here is the list of 10 HTML5 blogger templates that you are free to use on your blog:

Coming Soon


This is a great ‘under construction’ blog theme if you are still at the middle of finishing your blog’s content, especially to lure and captivate your audience in a form of a visual teaser.

Link to the template: http://besttheme.net/coming-soon/

WebMag Blogger Template


Here is another HTML5 Blogger template that has a bright orange color and a light gray background. It has a nifty photo slider and even has an announcement box below the menu and the ads. The navigational menu stays in place no matter how much you scroll down.

Link to the template: http://www.templateism.com/2013/05/webmag-blogger-template.html



This is a neat HTM5 landing page, especially if you want a counter for your site or blog launch, or an upcoming event.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-landis/



Siren is a simple responsive HTML5 theme with borders on the posts. The content is elegantly arranged and the typography is modern.

Link to the template: http://besttheme.net/siren-blogger-template/

DCM Dark


Here is a dark but interactive Blogger theme that relies on HTML5 mouse hover effects on each post (especially if you have photo posts). It even has infinite scrolling and social media icons.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-dcm-dark/

25 Pixel


25 Pixel is a nice responsive theme that is perfect for artists, photography enthusiasts and photojournalists. The labels and blog information are at the bottom of the page.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-25-pixel/



Ubert is a Tumblr-like theme because it has different icons for different post types. It has a nice minimalist design.

Link to the template: http://besttheme.net/ubert-blogger-template/



Spirit is a cute theme that has light colors (sky blue background) and the snowflakes move as you scroll down.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-spirit/

All Green


As the title implies, All Green is a fresh theme with greenery all over its design and colors. This is a great starter theme for eco-friendly blogs.

Link to the template: http://www.bloggerthemes.net/2010/11/all-green.html

MXfluity Blogger Template


Here is a nice HTML5 / responsive Blogger template that has a neat layout and perfect for tutorials or news article blogs.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-mxfluity/


There are many free high-quality HTML5 themes for blogger out there, but here are a few templates to start with.

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