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17 Free Well-designed 3-column Wordpress Themes


There are dozens of options when it comes to Wordpress themes. You can go with premium, which includes customer support. Or you can choose to use free themes that don’t have customer support and advanced features. Of course, the latter option is more preferable, especially if you’re out of budget.

And if you’re looking for the right theme, then you’d be bombarded with different types of templates that you can download for free. You’d have to choose between a 2-column layout or a 3-column layout.

In this post, you’ll find a collection of smashing 3-column Wordpress templates that you can use for your own site. Even though they’re free, they’re still high in quality and flexibility. Whatever content you have, they can be very handy.

1. Shaken Grid


With its built-in jQuery Masonry, you’ll have a gapless layout. Even if you have post with different heights, the layout won’t be affected. It features two-color schemes, theme options panels, gallery layout, progressive enhancement, and CSS3.

2. Forsy


This free template offers a mobile-friendly design with shortcodes and shortcode generator. It supports WooCommerce Shopping Cart and it comes with 125x125 banners. It’s SEO optimized and compatible with all major browsers.

3. Swiss


It’s an awesome template made by Ana Themes. This free 3-column template has photo gallery and can be used for your portfolio site.

4. Siren


It’s compatible with Wordpress 3+. This is ideal for photography type of site. However, you can also use it for merely blogging purposes.

5. eFinance


This is a professionally-designed template, which is responsive and WooCommerce ready. It can work with the latest versions of Wordpress. It’s also SEO optimized so search engine can easily indexed your site.

6. Sunset Farm


It comes with drop-down menu and automatic thumbnails. It’s SEO-ready and gravatar-enable. You can also modify its font style, if you want. But the default font is already attractive.

7. Guidebook Gold Coast


This is great for travel-related site. It complies with W3C standards.

8. Lined


This theme from FThemes has an easy-to-use theme options page and it’s mobile-friendly. This is great if you want to put some ads to it without distracting the overall content of your site.

9. Worn Wall


This is another well-designed template by Templatelite. You can use it for any type of site, be it travelling or personal.

10. Grunge Style


Its grunge effects are designed using dirty textures, torn images and stains. You can also translate it into your own language using Poedit program.

11. Demet


It has a featured slider with shortcode generator. You can also add some ads onto its header.

12. Facebooked Theme


If you like Facebook so much, then this theme can give you the look and feel of Facebook to your own site. It has two sidebars that you can optimize for links, categories, etc.

13. i3Theme


This is especially made for Mac lovers. It has a look and feel like the Mac operating system.

14. ProSense


It’s optimized for Adsense. It’s also SEO-friendly. You can choose to download orange, blue and gray theme.

15. Vivo


This is a magazine-style theme with a featured slider. It has a built-in 260x260 ad widget .

16. Riviera Magazine


It has banner slots for 468x165 and 120x600 ads. However, if you don’t like putting some ads to those slots, then you can just turn them off. It has 3 columns and 2 sidebars.

17. Canyon


This nice-and-clean template is compatible with Wordpress latest versions. It has a featured slider, full wide page, a top level page, and other options that you can use to make your site more attractive.

The demand for a 3-column template is still on the rise. It offers less-cluttered feeling and your content is centered. Plus, your posts tend to be shorter than the sidebar.

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