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7 Neat Productivity Tools To Help Your Online Business Flourish

Running an online business can be difficult – without the proper tools and help. If your business is purely online, it is even possible that some of your employees are located elsewhere in the globe. In circumstances such as these, communication between you and your employees is key. If you are considering running your own online business, you could benefit from the use of certain tools that are available online. These wonderful tools were created especially to boost productivity and efficiency.

Google Docs - create, upload, edit documents with ease

google doc

If you have Gmail, then you might already be familiar with the array of other apps available from Google, since there is a link to these apps at the top of Gmail. One of the most powerful of these apps is Google Docs, which will allow you to create, upload and edit documents.

You could also share documents between other individuals, via email. Files that can be made include documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, tables and collections. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, you will more or less know how to make and edit these documents.

Skype - easy communication


It almost goes without saying that Skype is the one powerful tool that an online business cannot do without, since it allows for options such as video or voice calling between 2 people or groups, instant messaging, SMS, file transfer etc. Skype can be used on devices such as the iPad, laptops, netbooks, computers, as well as the Android, iPhone and SmartPhones. Another app that offers a similar function is Hipchat.

Dropbox - share files effortlessly


Another useful tool for those with an online business is Dropbox, which basically spares you of the trouble of emailing yourself a file. Dropbox works like cloud computing, in the sense that if you have a file in your Dropbox account, you will be able to access it from any computer. Having a Dropbox account also quickly gives your employees access to the files you upload into Dropbox immediately. Dropbox has plans for individuals and online business owners.

Yammer - work better with your team

yammer app

Think about the energy and time wasted by a person providing the same answer to different people on different days. These are exactly the kinds of problems that the private social network Yammer aims to solve. The tool makes it possible to collaborate easily between employees and employers – whether across an office, a whole building, or across the globe. Plenty of the world’s top companies use this tool, including Shell, 7Eleven and DHL.



If you need an online tool for invoicing, billing and accounting via the internet, look no further; this is what FreshBooks is for. FreshBooks saves hours of processing and claims to be able to make it possible for employees to receive payment 11 days sooner, given these hours saved.

Be more productive with Zoho


According to the company’s website, they offer an array of tools: Writer, Show, Sheet, Calendar, Planner, Notebook, Support, CRM, Challenge, Books, Assist, BugTracker, Invoice, Marketplace, Recruit, People, Reports, Site 24x7, Wiki, Share, Docs, Mail, Chat, Discussions, Meeting and Projects. Zoho also uses Cloud technology, and these solutions might even be all that you need to run your online business. With over 5 million users, it is clear that Zoho is offering effective solutions.



This software is simple, perfect for managing small projects online and collaborating. If you are intimidated by Zoho’s interface (or just do not need all of the tools offered by Zoho), consider Basecamp as an alternative. Using Basecamp, you will be able to make to-do lists, milestones, projects (customized), transfer files, etc.

All of these solutions are provided to help your business enjoy better communication, productivity and collaboration. And no matter what business you run, just about every solution is now available. You only need to google other solutions to find your many options for online tools for your business.

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