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Up To 1tb With Soshare

up to 1tb with soshare

Cloud computing and storage services are getting crowded already on the digital atmosphere, more because people are growing tired of keeping up with cables and flash drives.

Thanks to these services and technologies, people are now able to share files and information without spending too much resources; all that they need is a solid internet connection relative to the amount of files they want to share.

But while we thought that companies behind these services are locking up their machines for a limited number of threads processed at one time, we would want to exclude BitTorrent in its new offer, SoShare.

SoShare uses the transfer engine being used by the ever-famous torrent download/upload client BitTorrent, so we—especially torrent lovers—would be confident on how reliable streaming of files can be. Better than this, at this beta stage of the service, SoShare does not require an account registered for you to enjoy this service.

The service, at least up to today, is free; all you need is to get the plug-in to be installed on your browser (compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer), and voila, just share what you want to share.

What’s more terrific about the engine behind the free service is that, with the plug-in, you can literally pause and resume uploads and downloads whether you are the sender or the receiver.

This is a great advantage since files in progress will not be interrupted and corrupted along the way. As a matter of fact, with SoShare, you can also enjoy doing anything else on your computer while you wait for the upload or download to sum up; closing the browser window won’t terminate the progress since it runs in background and will only notify you once the loading is done. And lastly, on top of these, SoShare has a very easy and lightweight interface.

Actually, it’s just a simple e-mail sender that you can attach a real number of files.

To send files up to 1TB with SoShare:

  1. Go to the website https://soshareit.com.
  2. In some cases, the page will appear as under maintenance or is broken. Please bear with this as it is a part of being in a beta stage.
  3. Click on the big Add Files button to trigger the download of the plug-in to your browser. When prompted or when done downloading, simply run and install the plug-in.
  4. Go back to the website and fill in the necessary information like your e-mail (the sender), the recipient’s e-mail address (or addresses, separated by commas), and the message if you want to include a note or something.
  5. Click on Add Files to select a file or multiple files as attachments.
  6. Click on Send Files. Files you will be sending will be uploaded first, and the duration of waiting may vary depending on your connection speed, reliability, and the total amount of file size you are sending.
  7. You will receive a notification saying that your files are on the way. Simply click okay to finalize the steps.

When the recipient has received the link to the file and has started downloading, you will also be notified via e-mail that the file you sent is currently being downloaded. The link you share can also be shared to other people as a public link as well, and this is convenient because they themselves do not need an account to download the file.

Remember, though, that files you created as links will expire after 30 days. Keep watch of the latest updates about the release of the tool for a more stable experience.

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