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Fotojet: A Snazzy Online Photo Collage Maker + Editor

Photos are meant to be very memorable. This is what FotoJet believes in and for this reason, they created a way to even further make photos beautiful and fun.


If you love photos and collage, then you will love FotoJet as well!

FotoJet is a free online collage maker that enables a user to create stunning and awesome photo collages, cards, posters, and other types of images. All these can be done in minutes and you don’t have to spend money to use it since FotoJet is free.

The PearlMountain Technology Co. developed FotoJet. This company has been one of the leading players in the graphics software development industry since 2006. Its main focus is creating easy-to-use and powerful photo editing tools and software.

The company operates in a global scale and thus, its software is available to worldwide users. With every tool that PearlMountain Technology creates, they always put professionalism, quality and the customers in mind.

How to Use FotoJet

Fotojet Styles Photo Collage Maker

Like what was mentioned earlier, FotoJet’s collage making tools are very easy to use. Here are the basic steps on how to use this online software.

  • Choose a Design – you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the wide variety of designs available in FotoJet. You can browse through the options. When you finally found the right design, just select that to start creating your collage. By the way, you also have the option to create a collage, poster or photo card. So there are really a lot of choices you can have with FotoJet.
  • Add Photos – after choosing a design, you need to add the photos you want to use. You can either upload photos directly from your computer or you can go to Facebook and use your photos there. After choosing photos, you have the freedom to adjust your photos in different ways to your heart’s content.
  • Save or share your collage – after configuring your photos, you can now save it. The good thing about FotoJet is that it allows you to instantly share your beautiful finish product via Facebook. Of course, if you want to save it for your own use or for future sharing, you can just simply save it as JPG/PNG in your computer.

Snazzy Features

Online Photo Collage Editor + Creator

There are different features that FotoJet has to offer:

  • The main feature is the Photo Collage. In this feature, you can do traditional, modern, classic, art, creative, birthday, family, and poster collage.
  • Another feature is the Social Media Design. In this feature, you are able to create banners or cover photos for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. These are great ways to promote your profile.
  • Photo Card is one of the best features of FotoJet. With the Photo Card, you can create photo, birthday, anniversary, thank you, baby, wedding, graduation, Father’s Day, travel, thanksgiving, and holiday cards. Online Photo Collage Editor + Creator
  • Finally, they have the Miscellaneous Features. It consists of three functionalities: Photo Comic, Fun Photo, and Magazine Cover. The miscellaneous features are mainly for adding fun and humor to your photo.

So there you have it. This is some of the information you need to know about FotoJet. If you want to add beauty, interesting designs, and fun to your photo, then FotoJet is the answer for your need. Check out their photo collage tools now and see how it can transform your photos, from ordinary to extraordinary!

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