Learn How I Made $21,000+ From One Epic Blog Post


Using the social networking service Twitter seems simple enough: you post a concise message with 140 characters max (also known as a "tweet"), and this message is immediately sent out to all your Followers. The message can also be seen by non-Followers, if your Twitter account is set to public.

The world has witnessed Twitter's power. As simplistic as its basic function might seem, the microblogging service is also pretty significant. It's a tool for reaching millions of people with one message, and a 2012 report tells us that the service currently has 500 million active users. Creative entrepreneurs immediately know that some of these users could turn out to be their business's patrons.

What you will find in this section are all things Twitter, from topics like making your own custom header banner to using the service to reach out to potential customers. You can also use Twitter to stay in touch with your current patrons, and to let your patrons know of any new additions to your company, or products and/or services, including contests and promis. Energize your business with some of our guides for getting the most out of using Twitter.