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4 Ways On How To Build A Positive Personality And Be Your Best

Your personality affects how people look at you and treat you. People with positive personality gain more friends and are more likely to achieve job promotion. You get an edge with a positive personality. How do you train your personality?

  1. Speak up your mind but do so nicely

    There are people who take pride in being real and upfront. But sincerity should be accompanied by tact, or else, you will offend the other party. In other words, if you want to tell your colleague her make-up is overblown, do so in a nice way. You don’t want to sound too meddlesome or too harsh.

    Instead of saying, “Alie, your make-up makes you look like a clown,” say, “Alie, you look better with lighter make-up.” Indeed, there is always a nice way of saying things, and it’s up to you whether you want to sound acerbic or you want to sound agreeable.

  2. Know how to approach people

    Would you rather be a wall flower at a party? You stay by your table with your buttocks glued to the seat all night long. The event makes no use of your presence, and no one would notice your absence if you took a French leave. While you don’t need to make a grand announcement of your arrival, it makes sense to smile at people you meet, perhaps shake hands with those who are introduced to you. Approach people you know and spend a few moments of casual conversation.

    In another instance, say at the workplace, greet colleagues you meet on your way to your office or station. People you greet constantly will gravitate towards you during gatherings, and they will think of you as a friendly, cordial person.

  3. Observe etiquette

    Whether you are at a restaurant or inside your boss’s office, it makes sense to show manners. Etiquette is a product of civilization and education. Yelling at a waiter in a chic eating place is a sign of social ineptness. Flaring your nostrils and squinting your eyes in front of your customer is a sign of lack of workplace graces. Not saying thank you, sorry, or good morning could create an impression of your being ill-mannered and repugnant.

  4. Enough with the complaints

    People who whine too much are never desirable. Do you want to be with someone who constantly gripes about their 9-5 job or their debts? While it’s okay to express your frustrations once in a while, it’s totally discouraging to hear them every day. Don’t vent all your frustrations to your friends or colleagues. They will eventually get tired of seeing a pathetic fellow. Smile!

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