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Taking The Path That Leads To Happiness: Notes On Living A Life You Love

How do you live a happy life? Is it so difficult to become happy? We see a lot of people complaining about their jobs, their kids, their friends, or their circumstances. What should you do to feel happy?

1. Understanding What You Really Want

When you don’t know what you want, your life takes on a hit and miss approach. You have no sense of direction, and you begin to question the essence of your existence. It is as though the meaning of your life is kept in the dark, and you are at lost. You suffer from identity crisis, and you are trapped in that stage of life when you cannot pick because you don’t know what to choose.

Many people know what they don’t want, but not what they want. To know what you really want, you have to reflect and think about what you love doing during your free time. You can determine what you want by taking note of your hobbies. Some people eventually realize their aspirations by seeking professional counseling. A professional advice can help you clear the confusion.

2. Finding Contentment

The problem with the modern world is stiff competition. Everyone wants to get ahead of everyone, whether in the workplace or in the business environment. Competition breeds a lot of problems later on. Nevertheless, it’s healthy to be affected by some level of competition because it keeps you on your toes and stimulates your drive to take action.

However, when your goals become unreasonable and you go beyond your means, that’s when problems start to arise. There is nothing wrong with high ambitions so long as you take it step by step. Just because your friend is on top of his game right now doesn’t mean you, too, should be on top of yours.

One of the first things to do is cease comparing yourself to others. Comparisons can make you either too smug or too dissatisfied. So your neighbor earns a million bucks. Your former coworker now runs a popular café in town. And you’re stuck as a writer or a teacher. Think about this: if you’re content with what you have right now, you tend not to compare yourself to others. When you stop comparing your salary or status in life to those of your friends and peers, you will feel happier.

3. Being Proactive

The best way to follow your dreams is to execute them. Many people simply dream of a good life, but do nothing to achieve it. You think it’s impossible to live in your dream house or to get to your dream destination. The moment you think it’s impossible, that’s the moment when stagnation ensues. The thought of impossibility is incapacitating. It’s one of the evil roots of despair.

Today think about what you can do that can put a smile on your face. Then get up and get on with it.

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