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The Essence Of Living: How Do We Define Life?

The Essence Of Living: How Do We Define Life?

Many of us have wondered why we are on earth, what our purpose is, and what we are here for. Have you ever wondered if there is really a supreme being (or beings), and what its/their nature is? There are plenty of questions running through our minds, and a lot of these questions are mind-boggling. While this article will not be able to provide some answers, in this article, you will find some clarifications.

  1. We ponder questions about our existence because we care about our reason or reasons for being on earth. We care about our deeper purpose, especially those of us that do not just live to work.
  2. Our goals in life are controlled by the things that we really care about and believe in, and so it is on a case-by-case basis. “Free spirits” and corporate types are a good example of individuals with different values and beliefs, and the latter really comes down to how we perceive reality to be. This takes in our own philosophies and religion (if applicable). This said, if your personal beliefs and values change or evolve, your goals will change, too.
  3. Negative emotions or circumstances are very powerful, and can lead us to feel that they are going to last forever. However, this is rarely ever true, especially as we can grow and become better human beings as we age.
  4. Other beliefs and values that you are unfamiliar with can offer a fresh insight to your current beliefs and values. In being open to considering these, you will be able to expand your mind and learn to analyze without (or with less) bias. This is all about being flexible. Trying to see things differently is like using a different filter or lens to take a photograph.
  5. Letting go of some beliefs and embracing new ones can be liberating, for those that seek to grow as a person, especially as some beliefs are very limiting. Our potential (for goals and actions) grow with our comprehension of reality.
  6. In order to see how beliefs can work out for you, gauge these beliefs against others, but see to it that you do this with discipline, and following a certain order, or you could end up believing in nothing at all.
  7. No matter your beliefs, aim to become the best version of yourself. Evaluate what you are good at, what your waterloos are, your strengths, how you can develop yourself, and what things about you you will not be able to change.
  8. Given what you believe in and value, do you feel hindered, or do you feel encouraged to develop yourself? As mentioned, if your beliefs are limiting, this is not a good thing, as you want to invest in your own strengths. There is a saying that goes “practice what you preach”. This means that whatever you believe in, it is important to be a living testimony to this by showing the people around you, in terms of your actions.

Life is how we define it, based on what we personally believe in, value, care about, and wish to spend our time and energy on. There are those of us who merely ‘exist’ instead of living our lives; this is never the way to go. The best thing to do is to use the talents that we have to fulfill our essence and purpose, not only in improving ourselves and towards enlightenment, but in helping others as well. Likewise, we should always keep an open mind to new things, in order to continue to learn.

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