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10 Sure Ways To Fire Up Self-motivation

Self-motivation is essential in order to increase productivity and remain competitive in today's expanding business and professional environment. People who enjoy better lives are achievers on their own rights. They are the types of people that have found ways to fire up self-motivation.

Motivating yourself is quite simple. Here are ten ways on how you can do so.

  1. Set concrete and achievable goals

    Goal setting is an important part of success yet it's often overlooked by many. Goals can go a long way on instilling a winning attitude and firing up self-motivation. Goals, in order to be effective, should always be concrete and achievable.

  2. Surround yourself with positive people

    Another simple yet effective way of being an achiever is by surrounding yourself with positive people - needless to say, people who are achievers themselves. In short, it is necessary that you know how to follow the right crowd. Just like any feeling, positivity easily rubs off.

  3. Be open to new experiences and learning

    Being open to new experiences and learning is another simple and effective way to fire up self-motivation. In today's competitive environment, constant self reinvention is needed for survival. You should be open to experiencing new things and broadening your knowledge on different niches.

  4. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone

    Staying in your comfort zone will hurt you more. Staying in your comfort zone is a way of avoiding not just risks but also the countless of opportunities waiting for you. Always be bold, get out of your comfort zone and embrace the opportunities to be more competitive and increase productivity.

  5. First things first - know your priorities

    Knowing what your priorities are is also important in self-motivation. Having priorities will help keep your life and career more organized. An achiever knows the value of setting and sticking to priorities.

  6. Don't overanalyze things

    Overanalyzing things is simply a way of making things complicated. More so, focusing too much on analyzing things can lead to analysis paralysis - an occurrence wherein too much analysis leads to the abandonment of a particular task or project.

  7. Make good use of carrots and sticks

    Knowing how to effectively use carrots and sticks, meaning rewards and punishments, is another tried and tested way of firing up self-motivation. Reward yourself for even the smallest accomplishments and punish yourself with some additional workloads whenever you fail to complete a task or meet a deadline.

  8. Face challenges one at a time

    Facing challenges one at a time instead of facing them altogether is a lot easier. Likewise, it can also help you pace yourself en route to firing up self-motivation.

  9. Run your own race - don't compare yourself with others

    Running your own race is a formula to a better life. Learn not to compare yourself or your success with others. Challenge yourself with your past accomplishments not with the accomplishments of others.

  10. Learn to share your knowledge, skills - mentor someone

    Mentoring someone can also help you fire up self-motivation. When others see you as a mentor, you always thrive to improve your knowledge and skills to always be worthy of being mentor.

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