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5 Tested Tips To Help You Stay Focused At Work

"Focus" may be a simple word for many. But only a few can really have a little time achieving it. We often relate this word with athletes. In sports, focus is needed to win the game. Without it, distractions can easily come along and rob an athlete of a golden opportunity to take home a winning trophy. In like manner, focus is also needed at work. The winning trophy is a job well done that may result in establishing a great reputation and a thicker paycheck.

Here are some tips to help you deal with focusing at work:

Segment work in tiny manageable pieces.

Just like eating a whole bunch of meal filled with everything on it from appetizers to meat entrees, to mouth-watering desserts, it is impossible for you to digest it all at once. The same is true with working a chockfull of works to be done. When you start working with a handful of projects, you will end up tired, exhausted, and unproductive. Instead of tiring yourself out from trying to finish a job that can sap your energy, try segmenting your work into small parts that you can easily manage. Your brain can only do so much. Without proper break, you will only end up all the more exhausted and frustrated. Try breaking your work into small parts. By doing so, you allow your brain to recharge and to function better.

Treat yourself after achieving a goal.

Aiming for a simple goal to achieve after completing a certain task is a good motivation to help you focus at work. Instead of allowing yourself distracted by checking your Facebook account or tweeting to your followers, set a time for you to do that. Start by turning off all distractions on your computer. Tell yourself that you are only allowed to access your social networking sites and emailsthe moment you are done with one project. You are in for a big surprise once you apply this method. Not only will you be more organized and focused. You will also achieve more than what you plan to accomplish for the day!

Work with background music.

Some people would prefer working without music. They claim that it only distracts them. However, scientific studies prove otherwise. According to studies, background music can actually boost your work performance level. Starting your work with a good music played at the background can definitely perk you up, enlighten your feeling and sets you in the mood to work. The music you listen to should be something that is close to your heart, must belong to your favorite genre. Whether you prefer R&B, hip hop, rock, mellow music or pop music, you should consider playing them at the background only, not too loud. Playing the music too loud will only rob you from your concentration at work.

Be invisible.

Focusing at work may be elusive if you leave your IM status available. More often than not, friends, acquaintances and colleagues will check on you. One thing may lead to another and before you know it, your day was already filled with nothing but chatting to your friends. Sure, well-meaning friends may send you important information or two. But try not to get chatting on the way while working. Just like opening and updating your status on your social networking sites, you can also treat chatting as some sort of "treat" as soon as you have finished working with a project.

Love your work.

This may be the most important ingredient to stay focus at work. When you love your work so much, you will not let anything else gets in the way. Your passion with what you are doing knows no secret potion to help you stay on top of your job. At the beginning of a project, check to see something interesting and learn to love what you are about to work at. True enough, if you love what you are doing, you will just simply watch how your creative juices are flowing naturally.

Yes, distractions are aplenty and could really get in the way while you try to finish your job. But as long as you apply these tips, you can be assured that focusing at work is really attainable!

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