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11 Effective Ways And Techniques For A Productive Day

Time is gold, that's why many people consider it as gift. And for those who are striving to win, every second counts. They don't waste their time just sitting around and staring blankly away into la-la-land. Winners are doers and risk takers. They seize the day, while losers just wallow away. A person who seems to live a better life than others knows productivity by heart. And what that person does with time is the key behind his or her success and achievements.

So if you want to achieve your dreams and become someone, you need to know how to manage your time wisely and be productive each day. Below are some of the most effective ways and techniques for a productive day. A lot of these are very general in wording, but likewise, apply to a wide range of things, including being productive. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Do it, or don’t do it, but decide

do or do not

This refers to tasks. Some that do not need doing can either be skipped or done. The point is that a decision has to be made, and action must commence.

2. Plan ahead and set your priorities straight

plan ahead

You don't need a planner for this. Just a sticky note would probably do. Jot down things that you need to do, starting from the most important ones down to the least important. Learn how to prioritize. Make time for what matters the most.

  • 3. Set realistic goals and plans

    There's no point in making some plans if you're not going to carry them out anyway. Each day, it makes sense to establish mini-goals, so that we do not simply end up losing to things that can take up our time and prevent us from being productive. With a mini-goal, it is easier to stay focused and get things done. Likewise, establish some small milestones and achieve them. Thinking of a task as great can be very taxing, and the thought of “mini” tasks, goals and milestones are easier to digest.

    4. What you hate comes first

    finish a task you hate the most

    In order to stop yourself from delaying what you need to get done, head straight to finishing the task that you hate most. This should quickly give you a sense of accomplishment, and this should fuel you for the rest of the day.

    5. When do you work best?

    Remember the last great idea that you had? What were the circumstances when you “discovered” that idea? Where were you, what time was it, and what were you doing? The theory behind this is that certain conditions lead to better productivity or creativity (though this can depend from person to person). Try not to get much done when you are least productive or creative.

    6. Consider a Do Not Disturb sign.

    no disturb sign

    If possible, set some of your work hours so that you will not be interrupted during certain periods. This can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or so, where you simply need to focus on some things. Use this time wisely, for tasks that are challenging.

    7. Short bursts

    In the past, have you been most productive while working long hours (as in a few hours straight), rather than in bursts of 30 minutes or 1 hour? Try to work in short bursts. Take a break in between, instead of working for a few hours straight, as doing the latter will easily burn you out.

    8. Clean up!

    Look around your house and you will realize that there's always something to do, like doing the laundry, washing the car, vacuuming the rug, or rearranging your closet. Cleaning your nest and organizing your stuff would give you a clearer mindset and help you find things easier and work faster.

    9. Wake up early

    Become an early riser

    Doing this will allow you to get work done, and get this work done on time.

    10. Leave the world of technology once in a while.

    no technology once in a while

    Detach yourself from your gadgets like your computer, cell phone or PDA, gaming console, or even your TV. Instead of updating your social networking account, why not spend some time with family and friends? Sharing a real laugh with someone you love is always better than sending a laughing emoticon online or through text.

    11. Stop slacking

    stop lacking and put your plan into action!

    In order to stop slacking or getting distracted, try to work slightly speedier.

    There are plenty of techniques that we can employ, in order to make ourselves more productive, but it is important to remember that these techniques can vary, depending on what we do. These techniques can also vary from person to person, and so the best thing to do is to find the set of techniques that best work for you, or customize the above techniques to work for you.

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