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How To Keep Away From Procrastination Through Timeboxing

This was written by Lunie

Procrastination is defined as the “habit of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.” This practice is one of the bad habits that we have and causes us to commit more failures in life.

In my own little way, I learned how to do away with my procrastinating habit by using a simple method. This method, which I called timeboxing, involves setting a deadline for yourself to finish a chore making certain that you come up with a high quality kind of work. Timeboxing has helped me to accomplish a lot of tasks.

How to Apply Timeboxing to Your Work

Timeboxing is not a difficult thing to do. It only takes your initiative to implement it in your life and apply it to any kind of chore.

Let us go to your work desk. Give yourself 10 minutes to clean it. Throw memos that you do not need and do a little dusting. Give yourself another 20 minutes to file things that have started to accumulate.

Timeboxing can also be applied when writing your articles. Any writer would want to come up with excellent quality articles. Hence, set a reasonable time to write a draft like two hours is more than enough. Once you are done with it, give yourself a break like listen to some classical music, have a sip of juice or close your eyes and rest your mind. Start re-drafting after your break. You can time yourself to finish re-drafting. Well, each writer has its own way of doing it. Nevertheless, try to practice this technique more often and you will see the big change!

How Timeboxing Can Help You

Do not doubt the effectiveness of timeboxing. It will work for you as it has worked for me. It will assist you to embark on a project and finish it without giving you stress. It likewise alleviates the demands of precision or perfectionism. The latter is a big hindrance for us to begin, carry on and conclude a task. We oftentimes spent so much time dwelling on what and how to deal with the project thereby leaving us spent, irritated, and producing work that is of lesser quality.

Work may seem difficult or nerve-racking at the start but can become simpler if you practice timeboxing.

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