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7 Points To Ponder About Success

7 Points To Ponder About Success

We usually look up to individuals that we know have achieved success, especially those that started out with very little, such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, etc. Most of us also look to these people and wonder what it was they did that led them to be successful. Below are some things to ponder about success:

It’s case-by-case

Even if you were to stringently follow the path of each of the successful people that you know of, this is not a guarantee that you will succeed. Timing plays a big role in success, the help of others, skill, talent, hard work and a bunch of other factors. This said, it is an illusion to think that success will easily come to you, if you do as they did.

Success is not the solution

We all have problems, but the problem with a lot of us is that we tend to assume that finding financial/monetary or job success means solving all or most of the problems that we have. This is not true, especially if a lot of your problems have nothing to do with your lack of success. If anything, you might find that you have even more problems from responsibilities, once you succeed. Go deep and know your true intentions in wanting to succeed. If you are on a path to success but have the wrong intentions (such as keeping up with the Joneses), will you be happy when you reach your destination?

Enjoy the journey

A lot of us are so driven to succeed that we forget about enjoying the journey, or stopping to smell the flowers. Enjoy your life now as it is, and taste every moment leading to your goal. There are plenty of things to be learned here, and some even realize that the journey meant more to them than the destination.

Slow down

There are those of us that wish to succeed so hard that we compromise time to relax, as well as time spent with our family, and our social life, or time spent with our friends. The road to success can be a long one, but learning how to savor each moment is half the journey.

The value of industriousness

Hard work is not just about working hard. In working hard, we learn that any worthy goal or accomplishment will take a while to achieve or obtain. Hard work also builds character, and teaches us to be patient.

Is it what’s in your heart?

trust your heart

Likewise, if you are working towards a goal but it is not what is in your heart, you might just be wasting your time. What you are passionate about is not something that anyone can give to you. It is something that you need to find and pursue on your own personal journey.

Believe in yourself

If you have any trepidations, take courage and trust in your own abilities. If you have always wanted to pursue your dream, take action and either do it now or take things a day at a time. Either way, there is only one of two possibilities: you will achieve success, or you won’t.

Success is achieved, and not found – by luck or otherwise. It is something that requires passion, hard work, dedication and commitment, and the road to success might be full of obstacles, but remember, it is worth it. Those that are truly able to enjoy the fruits of success are those that fully understand what it took to achieve it.

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