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3 Reasons Why Negative Thoughts Are Enemies To Your Success In Life

A lot of people, whether they consciously know it or not, have minds filled with negative thoughts, which slow them down or stop them from achieving success. Several factors lead to a negative mindset. A person’s experience and background may be the culprits, shaping his or her attitude in life. Negative thoughts impair your disposition in life. As you grow older, your courage and determination to succeed erode, and you are headed for a stagnant future filled with unwarranted fears and doubts.

1. Negative thoughts hold you down.

Imagine being in an alley with a closed door at the end. Would you open that door or leave it closed? There are only two types of people in this scenario. One type includes those whose curiosity is strong enough to override the so-called fear of the unknown. They will choose to open the door to find out what’s in the other side. The second group of people will be overwhelmed with fear or suspicion that they would rather not know what’s there. Which type are you?

The problem with the second group of people is that their negativity will never take them anywhere. They will stay where they are because they are too scared to take chances. Their grueling question would be, “What if something dreadful is out there?” Maybe Godzilla is right there waiting for them.

The other type of people would rather know what’s in the next room. Perhaps something dreadful lies there, but these people think they can figure out something in order to deal with whatever is there. What if instead of Godzilla, there’s a box of pizza in the next room? You will never know if you remain too afraid!

2. Negative thoughts make you prone to false reasoning

If you paid attention to your psychology professor in college, you would have noted that we employ defense mechanisms to deal with certain events in our lives. When people ask you why you didn’t take a nice job offer or why you skipped a talent audition wherein you most likely would be picked, how do you respond? Your response would probably go somewhere around preoccupation, lack of time, disinterest, and all the other crazy things you can think about to hide your fear.

Rationalization can become your habit. So you steer clear of parties and gatherings, deliberately miss out on workshops and seminars, and avoid friends and associates because you’re scared and shy. You get away with reasons like you’re busy or you had other pressing things at hand, when the truth is you’re just afraid or too worried.

3. You will never get the most out of life

People who are always afraid miss key opportunities in their lives. They grow old wondering what could have happened if they took chances. As a result, they feel dissatisfied. They live their senior lives with discontent.

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