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Using Your Talents To Reach Your Dreams

Using Your Talents To Reach Your Dreams

In the Biblical parable about talents, one man that received a single God-given talent was bitter about this, and instead hid his talent in shame and returned it to God, while others that received God-given talents used their talent to breed even more talents. The Bible tells us that when it comes to such people, those who have a lot will be bestowed more, to the point of abundance, while those that have little will have even less. Read on for more thoughts to ponder.

  1. We come from different walks of life; some of us are born into money, while others are born without it. However, where one comes from does not matter, when considering where one can go, or what one can do with one’s life.
  2. See yourself based on where you came from, and deal with people accordingly. In the event that you happen to have many talents, expect a lot from yourself, and in situations where you are only able to use one of your talents, continue to strive to do your best.
  3. Our God-given talents are just as the name implies: given to us. This means that we are accountable for what we do/happens with our talents, as well as our money and wealth.
  4. According to the Biblical parable, a person that does not use his or her talents lets these talents go to waste, and this person is then regarded as having no worth, indolent and wicked. In the bible’s Parable of the Talents or Minas, the servants that also invest their talents and develop them are referred to as servants that are faithful. If you think about it, it is possible that having faith or confidence in oneself and one’s talents. This is something important to bear in mind, for those of us looking into investing in a business venture or project.
  5. This parable also shows us that the servants do not vie for the master’s approval. Still, this does not stop them from developing their talents and using what they were given. The parable also shows that the servants do not get money as the prize. Instead, they work to enhance their talents for the approval of their master, and for the end goal of being part of the happiness of their master.
  6. Joy is also a big part of the parable. Many find joy in doing work for themselves, and yet it is important to know that joy is also something that is to be shared with others. According to the master, having joy and faith enables us to rise above fear, and an individual that does not trust or is always suspicious is likely to just end up keeping his or her talent buried. There are plenty of times when we feel that being scared or suspicious can protect us from trouble, but these only lead to pain and suffering.

When we seek to help our fellowmen, we experience joy as a result. However, those of us that do not use what we have to help others are just wasting our God-given gifts, as well as our time. In not using our talents or enhancing them, we are just existing, rather than living. Our talents were given to us for a reason, and this reason is so we can share the ‘magic’ with the world, because what use is it to have something so wonderful if it is hidden, or buried, or remains unused?

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