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Samsung Galaxy S3: Different Types Of Lock Screen And How To Setup Pin

It is true that not using the security options on your phone is far more convenient. Just picking it up and using it without having to worry about putting in a pin number is tempting. However, it is also the most dangerous option and risks your personal information and data. If you ever lost your phone and there were no security options in place, then any person who picked it up would be able to access all the data you have stored in the phone.

Think about you Galaxy S3 right now. What kind of information do you have stored on it? Did you ever look at your bank account information? Are private pictures saved? What kind of effect would the information compromised have on your life? When thinking of the potential consequences, then enacting some security features isn’t so bad and fortunately for its user the Samsung Galaxy S3 gives you a variety of simple options to put security in place.


  1. First let’s look at setting up the Lock Screen. Go to the Notification drawer.
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ icon. Search for the ‘Security’ option.
  3. In Security you should see the selection for Screen Security. You’ll have a number of different choices.
    1. Swipe - You can just swipe across the device to unlock it.
    2. Motion – Tilt the S3 forward to unlock.
    3. Face unlock – Use the camera for facial recognition.
    4. Face and Voice – Uses both facial recognition along with the sound of your voice.
    5. Pattern – Select a pattern of lines between dots to unlock.
    6. Pin – Use a four digit code to unlock.
    7. Password – Select a unique password to unlock.
    8. None – No security.

Note that as a bonus, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will show you the level of security to expect with each option. Now after you’ve selected you favorite Security option, depending on what you have chosen, you may now unlock your phone.

In each case if you forgot for example the Pattern needed to unlock your phone, there will be an option to enter a backup PIN number. Yes, there is a PIN option already in place, but for some of the more extravagant Lock Screens having a backup PIN could help. Luckily setting up a PIN number on the Galaxy S3 is much easier.

  1. Setup the security feature.
  2. You will be given the option to select a backup code, choose PIN.
  3. Choose your four digit code and confirm.
  4. You should see a screen letting you know that your Lock Screen is active.

The same instructions are in place if you want to just use a PIN as a security feature. No matter what you choose, setting up a lock screen for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best option to protect all your data.

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