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Samsung Galaxy S3: What Is Blocking Mode And How To Use It?


Blocking mode is an enhancement over the existing flight mode option used to block notifications, calls, texts and messages.

It is a new feature offered on the new JellyBean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3.

It's advantage over the previous airplane mode, silent or disable all notifications mode is that using this new feature, users can selectively disable certain notifications while permitting calls, messages, texts and alarms.

Okay, now I'll teach you how to use it. Read on:

Using Blocking Mode on Galaxy S3

Enable Blocking mode

  1. On your phone's Setting and notification panel, simply tap the blocking mode option to enable or disable. If the mode is active, the widget turns green.
  2. Alternatively, you can toggle the mode via the Settings option. Click on the gear icon to bring up a list of configurable options. Blocking mode will be visible immediately. You can now slide the option on off or on.
Enable Blocking Mode

Turning on blocking mode without prior configuration prevents any notification, call, message, text or alarm.

Configure Blocking mode on your phone

Configure Blocking Mode on Your Phone
  1. Once you bring up the Blocking mode option, tap it to reveal a new menu that contains a list of options to help you customize notifications on your phone. You can disable:
    1. Phone features and call option while configuring a white list of contacts.
    2. Notifications like Facebook messages and email
    3. Alarm and Timer
    4. LED notification indicator

Unchecking the feature box in the blocking mode enables the feature while checking the box disables or blocks the feature from functioning.

Set a block mode schedule

The blocking mode on your phone is not limited to disabling and enabling features. You can also schedule the blocking mode. You can then have the blocking mode with custom configuration active for a certain period of time every day, once every week or month. Home makers and working professionals for example, can schedule the mode at a certain time every day to pursue another activity without being disturbed except for very important calls and messages.

  1. Setting a schedule is simple. One has simply to uncheck the "Always" option and set the time and day range during which Blocking mode will be active.

Program a "White List" of contacts

Whether you are at work, shopping, relaxing or playing with your children, there are always a few important calls you cannot miss. To enable individuals with blocking mode on to still receive important calls, the S3 offers a "White List" of contacts who are permitted to call you even if your blocking mode is on.

  1. To add a contact to your allowed list, tap on "Allowed Contacts" and select your preferred mode.
    1. None: No call is permitted when your phone is blocking.
    2. All Contacts: Everyone on your contact list gets through.
    3. Favorites: Those on your favorite list only can get through.
    4. Custom: Set up your custom list of permitted contacts. Here you will have to pick from your contacts list. To remove a contact, long press his or her name to reveal a delete option.

A neat, intuitive feature in the S3, the blocking mode option is definitely a huge point for Samsung.

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