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Explaining Led Indicators Of Samsung Galaxy S3


Any android device provides you the ability to communicate with your friends and family.

Galaxy S3, on other hand, is a device that not only lets you communicate with others..

..but the phone itself communicates with you directly with its amazing features.

We usually don’t have cell phones in our hands all the time because we are busy with some work..

If any important message comes while we're working, we read it hours later because we are unaware of that message.

Now you don't have to worry if you enable your LED service indicator, it will alert you with a blinking blue light every time you receive a text message.

Led Indicators on Samsung Galaxy

  1. Open up the ‘Applications’ menu from your Home screen.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  3. Under the ‘Device’ menu, there will be an option of ‘LED indicator’, tap that.
  4. Now you will see three options with a check box on each of them. These are the options you can check or uncheck for showing the lights on your device. The options are:
    • Charging
    • Low Battery
    • Missed call or messages.

Checking any option will display a light accordingly.

Other things you need to know:

  1. LED indicator is a feature that displays a light on the top left corner of your device. Whenever your phone is locked or your LCD is off, it indicates a different light according to the task you have appointed it.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 will show 3 colors to you on – default blue, red, and green.
    1. Blue light will tell you when you have a message or missed call.
    2. Green light will blink when the battery of your device is low.
    3. Red light will turn on while your device is charging.

For more control over LED indicators, there is an app known as “Light Flow Lite”. It is available both in free and paid versions. This app lets you add more notifications on your device like Bluetooth, MMS, Gmail, etc. It also it gives you an option to select a different color for each notification. Along with it, you can also add different sounds, flash rate, light time and vibration.

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