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How To Block Or Auto-reject Calls On Samsung Galaxy S3


Telemarketers can call you any time of the day to advertise their products. And while you can just ignore the call, it can be annoying if they woke you up during a good night’s sleep, trying to sell you a timeshare in Florida or wanting to offer you a way to save money on car insurance. Or it could be a simple case of no longer wanting to be in contact with a former close friend.

You may sometimes encounter bothersome calls – from marketing, credit card offers, or just some people you do not want to talk to – on your vacation or along with your busy schedule… Whatever the reason you may have, the Samsung Galaxy S3 gives you the ability to block and auto-reject calls with a few simple steps.


First method – One by one
  1. Unlock your phone and swipe down to find the ‘Notification drawer’ to find ‘Settings’. You can also click on the ‘Applications’ menu and find ‘Settings’ (gear-like icon) on the list of applications.
  2. On the Settings page, click on ‘Call Settings’.
  3. Now on the new menu, find and click on the ‘Auto reject mode’ to enable it. You should now see the Auto reject list. The Auto reject list should say ‘unknown’.
  4. Press the ‘Create’ button and type the number to add the person from the people you wish to block. You can also use ‘Match Criteria’ to find a number in your call log and add it to the block list. You can also go directly into your contact list and select numbers from your contact to move into the block list.
  5. Once you’ve started adding people to the block list, just repeat these steps to add any number that you wish to add to the auto reject list.
Second method – Block all calls
  1. Unlock your phone and swipe down to find the ‘Notification drawer’ to find ‘Settings’. You can also click on the ‘Applications’ menu and find ‘Settings’ (gear-like icon) on the list of applications.
  2. Click on ‘Call Settings’.
  3. On the panels, find and click on ‘Call blocking’.
  4. Enable call blocking on ‘all incoming calls’ by clicking on that option.

Other things you need to know:

  1. In the future, if you want to reverse this decision, it is possible to go back into your block list and move the selected phone numbers off of the auto rejected numbers.

Now that telemarketing has become a common place and has reached the cell market, it is essential for users to have the ability to reject calls from these services. Using your Samsung Galaxy S3 auto reject option is a very simple potential solution to an annoying problem. By allowing you to customize your smart phone experience by adding ‘blocking inconvenient cell phone number’ feature, the Samsung Galaxy S3 gives its users an added level of privacy.

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