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How To Manage, Answer, And End Calls On Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung amazed the world with the innumerable features of their Galaxy series devices. They topped the charts and selling rates, and they are recognized as the most handy and customizable phones. One of Samsung’s flagships is the Galaxy S3, and just like any other Android device, you can personalize every little feature of this smart phone like customizing the way you answer and end calls as well.


Answering Calls Customization

First method
  1. Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 and go to applications menu where you can find ‘Settings’.
  2. You are required to access ‘Call Settings’ which can be found on the new page.
  3. In order to adjust the settings for answering calls, scroll down on the options and press on the tab which says ‘Call Answering/ Ending’.
  4. If you want to answer calls by pressing on the Home button, then check the first box. Otherwise, you can check the box below if you want the Power button to end the calls.
Second method
  1. Unlock your phone and swipe down to find the ‘Notification drawer’ to find ‘Settings’. You can also click on the ‘Applications’ menu and find ‘Settings’ (gear-like icon) on the list of applications.
  2. On the Settings page, scroll down to find ‘Accessibility’ on the lower part of the options. Tap on it.
  3. Once a new menu opens, tap on ‘Call Answering/ Ending’ option.
  4. In order to use the Home button for answering your calls, tick on the check box near the key. You can also check the ‘Power buttons ends call’ for easier control.

Other things you need to know:

  1. With this customization being done, now you have learned to use the technique of using different buttons (and not only your touch screen) to answer and end your calls. You have learned to use the ‘Home button’ to answer and incoming call, and the ‘Power button’ to end one.

Samsung Galaxy S3 offers you its simple yet customizable functionalities, so it can give you owner satisfaction. According to your needs, everything can be personalized. There are many other customizations that you can do with your Galaxy S3 which can let your choose the different settings for every feature it offers.

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