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What Is The Meaning Of ‘1’ On My Weather Widget?

The Galaxy S3 is a cut above the rest in looks, functionality, performance and features. Beside the S4, there is no other smartphone as perfectly crafted with advanced capabilities as demonstrated by the S3. One of its best and most unique features is the weather widget. All a user has to do with it select his or her time zone and location to access accurate weather information instantly. The widget is beautifully designed with a neat user interface and clear display, providing relevant information with visual representation of the weather for an intuitive widget interface.

One feature that has puzzled many Samsung Galaxy S3 users is the small '1' appearing beside the time and weather representation. After much deliberation, consumers have finally understood the significance of the feature leaving users amazed by Samsung's attention to detail.

When the '1' is seen on the weather widget, it simply means daylight savings is currently followed on his certain location. If one changes his or her time zone to the United States of America or United Kingdom, or other countries that follow daylight savings, the 1 appears in a little yellow sun representation, indicating summer time and that daylight saving is working on that time zone. So basically, if the time zone is changed to reflect a country that does not follow daylight savings, the '1' is not visible on the weather widget.

This is an intelligent and well-thought feature incorporated by Samsung in the weather widget of the Galaxy S3; especially useful for corporate meetings and presentations, using this powerful device when doing some conference globally, with countries that are currently following daylight saving. If you have been wondering what the '1' next to your weather and time display is, you are now aware of its purpose as an indicator of daylight saving time.

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