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How To View Total Call Duration On Samsung Galaxy S3

A phone capable of creating frenzy can never be something ordinary. Currently judged as one of the best handsets available right at this moment, Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one of the best smartphones that can be your faithful companion in your busy life. Run by Android, this multi-touch handset with 4G LTE support can be a phone, an Internet tool, a source of entertainment, and even intelligent personal assistant.

Let’s say you are a businessman and you always need to call or receive a number of calls – there can be a staggering number of people whom you talk to per day. Hence, it is important to know about how the call logs work and the duration of every call. The steps are simple:


  1. From your handset home screen, simply click on the ‘Phone’ icon from your list of applications.
  2. Hit the ‘Menu’ button and tap the ‘Call Duration’.
  3. Now you can check the call log history – including the time of the last call, all dialed numbers and received calls, and by simply clicking on the call log, you will see how long it took the call.
  4. Revert to standby mode by pressing the home button.

Other things you need to know:

For advanced usage of the total call log duration info, you can also get some cool apps from the Google Play Store, which are always ready to be downloaded. One such app is ‘My Call Duration’. The smart app cannot only capture the total duration of all incoming and outgoing call summary but can also sort them out by Individual caller and date. In addition, the app can also capture both incoming and outgoing SMS details.

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