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How-to: Add And View Bookmarks On Samsung Galaxy

Bookmark is an option that is present in all browsers; what it does is that when you bookmark a website, you don’t need to type its web address every time you need to access it. You can save that website with using any name you like and next time you need to visit that site, you just tap on the saved bookmark of that website on your Samsung Galaxy S3 browser. Find the steps below to do it.

Adding and Viewing Bookmarks on Samsung Galaxy

How to add bookmarks

  1. From your Samsung Galaxy S3 home screen, find and click on the ‘Browser’ application.
  2. Once the browser is opened, find the ‘URL or address bar’ on the top of your screen. Type in the web address or link of the page you want to bookmark.
  3. Now as the page has completely loaded, you can add it to bookmarks by tapping on the ‘Star button’ on the top bar – located on the right corner of the URL bar.
  4. Tap on the ‘Add Bookmark’ and a new pop up window will open with some options for you to edit.
  5. Write the ‘name’ you wanted for the bookmark – the site name, your name – it can be anything that you can easily remember.
  6. Below the name will be the ‘Address’ of the website. Here, if you have first opened a website and then clicked on add bookmark, it will be already be filled with the web address of the current website. You can also write any other web address you want to add.
  7. Tap on the ‘Save’ and your bookmark will be saved

How to view bookmarks

  1. Using the Samsung Galaxy S3, open up your internet browser.
  2. Tap on the ‘Star’ button present in the top-right of the screen beside the URL bar.
  3. Tap on ‘Bookmarks’ and all your saved bookmarks will be displayed.
  4. Tap on any bookmark and it will direct you the website.

Bookmarks have really made it very easy to access your favorite websites with only a few taps. Good thing is you cannot only bookmark a website, but you can bookmark any webpage (even an image!) as long as it has a link. Keep your most favorite bookmarks on front to save time while browsing.

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