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How To Enable Incognito On Samsung Galaxy S3

Some data are not always removed when you close your main browser. And sometimes, you don’t want to save any history when you use the internet because of a certain reason.

Like the private browsing available in many browsers on your PC, incognito mode is available in Galaxy S3 too. Incognito mode enables you to browse the internet privately without saving any internet history. It is basically a browser inside a browser – where the data you browsed won’t be remembered once you exit the incognito, unlike the main browser where the history will be saved. To learn how to enable incognito mode, follow the tutorial below.


  1. Browse on your Samsung Galaxy S3’s applications and find your main ‘internet browser’.
  2. From the home page of your browser, you will find an option beside the URL bar. Tap on the ‘New window’ icon – and you will find two pages overlapping each other.
  3. Now a new page will open and you will see a ‘thumbnail’ view of all your open tabs.
  4. On the top, there will be an icon of a ‘guy-like’ character. Click on it and you will be taken to a new window – that is basically the Incognito mode.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Incognito mode will not save any cookies, or bookmarks of the pages you have browsed. Once you have exit the Incognito tab, you will not find any browsing history.
  2. You can still download files while you are in Incognito mode. This includes installing some software on pages or downloading images, etc.

Incognito mode is a great feature in Samsung Galaxy S3. Sometimes, while accessing private information on your device, you don’t want to save any traces behind. Incognito mode will save you the trouble of deleting the internet history manually.

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