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How-to: Turn Off Captcha & Word Verification On Blogger

CAPTCHA a.k.a word verification, one of the biggest pet peeves of most bloggers. It can be really annoying especially some CAPTCHAs are really hard to read. It's one of the best ways to discourage people from posting comments on posts. Keep in mind, if you're serious about blogging, you need to make it easy for your readers to engage with you. Sure, you hate spams and bots but it's not worth it if you're going to lose readers because of this feature.

Disable CAPTCHA on Blogger

  1. Login to your Blogger account.
  2. Click on the website you want to remove the CAPTCHA on. For example, I want to take off the CAPTCHA on my Annoying Blog Dot Com, I'll click on the link. Here's an example screenshot: Click on your website
  3. Click "Settings" from the left hand side and select "Posts and comments". Click Posts and Comments option
  4. Find the "Show word verification" option and select "No". Select No from Show Word Verification
  5. Now click "Save settings" button from the top right of your window. Save Settings
  6. All done!

To make sure you have it disabled, log out to your Blogger account and comment using a different account.

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