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How-to: Moving Bloggers Posts To Wordpress

Many bloggers are doing the big switch from Blogger.com to Wordpress. With Wordpress, you can use your own domain name and have ownership on the content. In addition, it is advantageous since it has an open-source platform, good developer community, thousands of free plugins, better permalink structure, unlimited standalone pages and easy updates. You can migrate your blog posts from Blogger.com to Wordpress in easy steps. This tutorial will help you do that.

How to Transfer Blogger Posts To Wordpress

  1. Make sure to register a new domain and purchase a server space from a web hosting company that offers PHP/MySQL hosting. Install WordPress software on your new domain.
  2. Access your Wordpress Admin Dashboard.
  3. DashBoardWP
  4. Select Tools then Import.
  5. ToolsImportWP
  6. Choose the Blogger Option.
  7. BloggerOptWP
  8. Press Install Plugin from a pop-up box that will appear. This will set the importer plugin in Wordpress.
  9. InstallPluginWP
  10. Press Activate Plugin and Run Importer.
  11. ActivatePluginWP
  12. To access your Google account, authorize Wordpress.
  13. AuthorizeWP
  14. You will then be redirected to Blogger.com. Press Grant Access.
  15. AllowAccessWP
  16. You will be redirected again to theWordpress Blogger Importer. Just press the Import button beside the blog you want to import. After a few minutes, all your blog posts and its comments will be available at your Wordpress site.
  17. The importer may pause from time to time. Just press the Continue button.
  18. You may need to click Add Users on your Wordpress blog if you have more than one author on Blogger.
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