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Creating A Blog With Blogspot

Setting up a blog on blogspot is just easy. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a blog on blogger.com.


  1. Access the Blogger website by going to www.blogger.com.
  2. Using your Google account. Input your username and password.
  3. Look for New Blog box. It’s a grey box located at the top-left portion of your homepage. Click it.
  4. A screen that will prompt you to input a title and the address of your blog will appear. Enter these info and pick a template. Blogspot will indicate whether the address is available or not.
  5. Press Create a Blog.
  6. You may now start posting a blog post by clicking New Post.
  7. Input the title on the title box and the body of your blog post in the Compose text editor. You may use editor functions such font, font size, text color, insert image or link, alignment and format.
  8. If you want to insert your post in HTML format, you have the option to use the Edit HTML tab.
  9. Once your post is final, you now have the option to Save it, see its Preview or directly Publish. These options can be found at the right side of the title box.
  10. You may modify the design of your blog by clicking Template on the left tab of your Dashboard.
  11. On the settings option, which is also found on the left tab of your Dashboard, you can set who can view, comment or contribute on your blog.
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