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Adding Blogs To Follow In Your Reading List

With the Blogger Reading list feature, you can follow updates from your favourite blogs on your Blogger dashboard. Your Reading list can be found on your dashboard, just below your blog list. Here is an easy tutorial on how to add blogs to follow in your Reading list.


  1. Look for the Reading list feature on Bloggerand click it. This can be found under the list of your blogs in your Blogger dashboard.
  2. ReadinglistBlog
  3. Click the Add button to start adding blogs you wish to follow in your Reading list.
  4. AddRLBlog
  5. Another window will appear. Enter the blog URL. Click + Add to add more blogs.
  6. AddURLBlog
  7. Under following option, select whether you want to follow the blog under your name or anonymously.
  8. FollowingOptBlog
  9. Once you’re done setting up your reading list, click Follow.
  10. FollowBBlog

Things you need to know:

  1. When you add a blog to follow in your reading list, it allows you to subscribe to this blog with a feed. Every time a new post is published on any blog on your Reading list, you will be able to receive updates. You will be able to see these updates on your Reading list.
  2. You have the option to manage blogs on your Reading list. To do this, click the gear icon found at the upper right portion of your Reading list. Press Settings beside the blog you wish to manage. You may wish to stop following the blog, choose to publish your activities to sites you have joined or change the following option.
  3. You may add as many blogs as you can in your Reading list.
  4. When you follow a blog publicly, your profile picture and Blogger profile link will be displayed in the blog’s follower widget if the blog owner has one. The blog will also be displayed in your Google friend connect profile and all thewebsites you are affiliated using Friend connect. Additionally, you will be able to view updates from this site on your Reading list.
  5. On the other hand, when you follow a blog privately or anonymously, your profile picture and Blogger profile link will not be seen on the blog’s follower widget. Also, the blog will not be shown in your Google friend connect profile and other sites. Just like following publicly, you will receive updates from the blog on your Reading list.
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