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Adding Custom Permalink On A Post On Blogger

When you create a blog post, Blogger automatically makes a permalink based on your title. Unknown to some users, this URL may cause you some issues in the future. Fortunately, Blogger lets you add a custom permalink of your choice. Know how to add a custom permalink and get to know its advantages over automatic permalink.

  1. Click the Post Settings box found at the right portion of your Post Editor.
  2. Under Post Settings, select Permalink.
  3. You will be given two options: Automatic and Custom Permalink. Choose Custom Permalink.
  4. To choose a URL for the blog post, input the new URL on the field that will appear.
  5. Click Done.

Things you need to know:

  1. Adding a Custom Permalink on your post on Blogger is very advantageous since it provides a greater stability for your URL. For instance, when you use the automatic option, Blogger will automatically generate a URL based on your title. When you modify your title, it will display as broken links in your URL. As a result, fewer readers will visit your blog.
  2. The default Permalink on your Blogger is automatic.
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