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Share A Folder On Dropbox To Friends

share a folder on dropbox to friends

One of the most fantastic things about Dropbox is that, you can not only share files and folders directly even to non-Dropbox users, but you can also share files and folders to workmates for you to work on the same plane within the same folder.

In this way, conflicting information and updates are better managed, files are more easily organized and compared, and changes can all be tracked and reviewed without spending too much space and time.

To share a folder, however, you must get a clear picture of what and how the sharing process will be.

What I meant is that, are you just planning to share the content or the folder to a colleague without giving him/her the chance to alter it? Do you want a team to work within the same folder and submit work and edit files as well? Are you going to share it to a Dropbox user? Or do you even know if the recipient has a Dropbox account?

It must be clear, though, that Dropbox offers two different methodology to sharing files and folders. The most basic way is the link method, and the other is the regular share method.

The former works by just giving the recipient the privilege to view and download the files shared, while the latter allows complete privilege and control to files within a folder or two.

Moreover, the link method also allows you to get a copy of the URL to where everyone who clicks on it will be directed to the file or folder, and the regular share method also allows multiple users to take control of the files or folders under the invitation and administration of the folder owner.

The most basic operations of Dropbox are available for both its web version and for its desktop (PC) version.

To share a folder using the link method:

Via Web:

  1. On the Dropbox page, right click on the row to where the folder you want to share is located. Select "Share link" and it should lead you to another tab or window. Share Dropbox folder
  2. On the appearing tab, there will be a small pop-up window with two fields: one for the recipient’s address, and the other for the message (optional).
    1. You can send the link directly to the recipient by entering the recipient’s e-mail address to the first field. The recipient will receive an e-mail with a button or link leading to this folder.
    2. You can click on the Get Link button on the lower right of the window. It will save the link to the clipboard (which by default you will not see). Being on a clipboard, it's expected that you must paste it immediately to your e-mail or to a notepad, for example, so that you will not lose track of it. You can paste the link to IMs or even to your social networks and that link is usable as long as you allow it.
    Share Dropbox folder

Via Desktop:

Note that the following steps presumes that you have the desktop app of Dropbox on your computer.

  1. Go to your Dropbox folder.
  2. Right-click on the folder you want to share. This will open the context menu.
  3. Select Dropbox > Share Dropbox Link Share Dropbox folder

To share a folder using the regular sharing method:

Via Web:

  1. Go to your dropbox account, right click on the folder you want to share. Click Invite to folder, and you can type in the first field the recipient’s Dropbox name or his e-mail address. Inviting someone to join  Dropbox folder.
  2. You can enter as many members as you’d like, but you can also do this later. Click on the Share Folder button afterwards.
  3. Wait for the recipient to accept the invitation.

You’ll notice the icon of the folder is now changed to a folder with two individuals. Click the same row again, and it will show you the options as above.

Clicking on the Shared folder options will allow you to add or remove users, and you are also given the option to totally abandon the folder or unshare the folder.

Via Desktop:

  1. Go to your Dropbox folder.
  2. Right-click on the folder you want to share. This will open the context menu.
  3. Select Dropbox > Share This Folder… Share Dropbox folder
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