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How-to: Integrate Youtube App Tab To Your Facebook Business Page


When it comes to sharing videos, there is nothing better than uploading them on YouTube and getting views from users all over the world.

You can post tutorials, performances, documentaries and much more – be creative and be yourself! It’s the best way to show everyone what you’ve got to offer!

Facebook Tab features let you add many apps from your other social media accounts, and one of them is the YouTube app.

Integrating this app will not only make your page attractive, it will also help expand your viewership.

Your fans will be able to view your Youtube videos through your Facebook page. What's more, they can leave a comment or like your video on your page directly!

More features include: option to choose featured video, plays in 720 HD playback by default, 'share this video' and 'subscribe' functionality & HTML5 Youtube player. Here's how it will look like:

Youtube App on Your Facebook Page
  1. Search for "Youtube Tab" using your personal Facebook account or click here to go to the app directly.
  2. Click "Go to App"
  3. Click "Install Application!"
  4. Choose your Facebook Page, then click "Add Page Tab".
  5. Edit the Administration panel. Click the dropdown arrow and put your Youtube account name. You can manually add a featured video and select a theme from the drop down menu. Click Save settings.
  6. Bam! Now you're ready to go! View your Facebook page and take a look at that beautiful custom tab.

Here's how your when your tab is clicked will look like:

Youtube Feed on Your Facebook Page

For live preview, click here!

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