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How To View Your Facebook's Archived Messages

  1. Go to your Facebook homepage.
  2. Click the icon for “Messages”. At this time, you will not find any folder of your archived messages.
  3. ProfileMsgFB
  4. Click “More” located next to “Other folder”. By clicking the “More” button, you will reveal a drop down menu that will lead you to archived messages folder.
  5. MoreMsgFB
  6. Select “Archived” located under “View” near at the bottom.
  7. ArchivedMsgFB

These are the steps on how to find your archived messages. There is really no trick to it and even a fifth grader can do these steps. All you need is to follow instruction.

There is an alternative way to look for your archived messages. And this can be done through the following steps.

  1. Go to your homepage.
  2. Click “Messages”.
  3. Select “Search Messages”.
  4. Type “is:archived + desired term you are looking for”. So for example, if you are looking for books, you simply type “is:archived books”. Obviously, you should not include the quotation marks.
  5. Press “Enter” button on your keyboard.

Voila! You have your archived messages already. Pretty simple, right?

So the next time you have a hard time looking for your archived messages, you can just follow these steps.

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