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8 Top Sites To Create Custom Facebook Cover Photos

For most people, creating your own Facebook cover photo can be a hassle, because you would probably need the help of a photo editing tool, which most users do not readily have. However, there are websites in which you can create your custom cover photo easily.

List of Great Websites for Creating Custom Facebook Cover Photos

Here is a list of awesome and easy-to-use websites for creating your FB cover photo:

CoverCanvas / SiteCanvas


This is a free website that helps you create your FB cover photo for free and with ease. It will only require the access to your FB account (authorization) and from the first step, you can choose from a wide selection of static photos to arrange on your cover photo, or choose your own photos and add text to them. There are also special effects to make your cover photo look more attractive. Just click Make my Cover and you’re done!

Timeline Cover Banner


This free tool also allows you to easily customize your own timeline cover photo. You can choose from a lot of stock photos and upload or add your own. There are no watermarks on the images so it’s completely free. You can also have the option to draw over your preferred image and even seamlessly link your profile picture and your cover photo (which is an awesome effect to make your profile page / timeline visually interesting).



FirstCovers also offers the opportunity for you to create your own personalized cover. Not only that, it also offers tons of free cover photos for you to use, depending on your preferences. You can even choose to customize any of the uploaded covers on the site. There is even a fanpage cover photo generator for your business, advocacy or just-for-fun page.

Face It Pages


This site is more than just a free site for creating your own custom cover photos for your timeline, but it also gives you other services like adding applications, contact forms, promos and anything else for the purposes of social media promotion. This is a perfect site if you are managing an artist page or a business page.

Pic Scatter


This website helps you create custom timeline or cover photos on your Facebook page or timeline. It lets you search through your uploaded pictures to form them into collages and let you arrange them in any way that you want. The only downsides, however, are the lack of photo effects (only available for premium users) and the watermarks that can be annoying.

Facebook Profile Covers


This is yet another profile cover image maker, but instead of custom photos, it only lets you use the pictures from their site. However, there are tons of images to choose from, so there is no worry for that. The downside, however, is the watermark that appears on the cover, and the process of making it a cover photo is a little bit complicated.



This is yet another tool to help you create your FB cover photo. It can also generate unique cover photos especially for you, such as photo mosaics with pictures directly coming from your own set of uploaded photos. It can even create you friendship maps.



What is unique about this site is that aside from designing your own cover photos, it also enables you to share it with the rest of the site’s community, and you can win 50 bucks if yours is the most downloaded of the week.


Creating a custom FB cover photo that’s truly for you has never been this easy with the mentioned websites. Share this with your friends and colleagues!

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