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Easy Guide On How To Step-by-step Share Files Using Google Drive

Google Drive Usage Tutorial

The popularity of cloud storage services is now heating up with the recent launch of Google’s very own cloud product, the Google Drive. Now Google has joined the war over the cloud storage supremacy.

I’ll not try to compare all the online storage services in the market today. But I’ll concentrate on Google Drive and more specifically, to show you how to share files through Google drive in a systematized and step-by-step manner.

If you’ve been an internet user, you probably know by now how beneficial it’s to share files. There are many sites that offer their services in file sharing but most of them don’t fully make their services available unless you shell out considerable amount of money. Thankfully, Google Drive arrived at the cloud scene and offered an amazing 5GB of free storage space!

Now, let’s go back to our how-to-share-file topic. But before that, there are some things that you need to do. Obviously, you are required to create a Gmail account. Once you have an account, you are given access to other products of Google such as Youtube, Google Play, Google +, and of course, Google Drive. After that you can now use Google Drive. Here are the easy-to-follow steps on how to share Google Drive files.

Step 1: You need to log-in to your Gmail

Go to www.google.com and you’ll find Gmail on top of your browser. Or you can directly go to www.gmail.com and log-in your username and password.

Step 2: Click ‘Drive’

Once you are signed in to your Gmail account, look at the top screen of your browser and click ‘Drive”. In case this is your first time to use Google Drive or your account has not yet upgraded, you’ll find ‘Document’ instead. You should click ‘Document’ in this case.

Step 3: Upload File (If you already have the file uploaded, proceed to step 5)

Once you clicked the ‘Drive’ icon, you’ll be directed to the Google Drive page. Once you’re there, click the red icon at the left upper portion of your screen. It’s located beside the icon ‘CREATE’. The icon looks like a disk with a directional arrow pointing upward. You’ll be asked to upload a file from your computer. Google Drive will confirm that the uploading of your file is successful once it is done.

Step 5: Click the Checkbox

When you successfully uploaded the file, it’ll appear in the list of your uploaded files. At the left side of the file you wished to share, you’ll find a star icon and a check box. You should click on the check box to highlight the file. If you want to share more than one file, then you should check as many as you would like to share.

Step 6: Click the ‘Share’ Button

Once the files are now highlighted, find the ‘Share’ button located at the top of the Google Drive page. It’s at the right side of the word ‘Drive’ and it’s symbolized by a human-shaped icon with a + (plus) symbol.

Step 7: Configure Sharing Setting

When you clicked the ‘Share’ button, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up window. This window is called the ‘sharing settings’ page. In this window, you should specify the email address of the person or people you want to share the file(s) with. You can also configure some options such as the ‘can edit’, ‘can comment’ and ‘can view’ options located at the right portion of the email address tab. The options mentioned are self-explanatory. There are also other additional options that you’ll find in the window. Try to examine and see if you can use them.

Step 8: 'Share & Save'

After you’re finish with the configuration and settings, you can simply click ‘Share and save’ button. It’s a green button located below the email address tab.

Step 9: Celebrate!

There’s really no step nine and it is completely optional if you really want to celebrate your accomplishment. But still I’ll like to congratulate you with your first successful file share using the Google Drive. I know it’s very simple and you will master these steps in no time. Google has made their product as friendly as possible. So do not worry, aside from this blog, you can get additional assistance from your friends and other resources.

By the way, in case you already downloaded the Google Drive app in your laptop or computer, you can also perform file sharing through that app. The steps are very similar with the steps mentioned here. It is highly recommended that you download this application to use Google Drive seamlessly and more efficiently.

Try these steps and Google Drive as a whole. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover all the benefits it can give you!

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