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How-to: Tell If Someone Is Following You Back On Google Plus

You’re already enjoying a lot of page views in a single day, but how can you know if your readers are already ‘following’ you as well in Google+?

Tracking those people who are already following you or not yet is very helpful that it makes you realize your current target. What can you do to make this particular person follow you? Do you need to send him a message? Mention him in a post? Directly share to him a story that he may love? Knowing who is following you or not can be a key to getting more traffic.

Here's how you figure out if a person you follow is following you back on Google+

If A Person Is Not Following You

Circle Not Following You on Google+

If A Person Follows You Back

Follows You Back on Google Plus
  • Notice how there's no circular button (with arrows in it) when a person is not following you.
  • When someone is following you, you should see a circular arrow button and you'll be able to see a message like this when you hover on the circle button: "You are in XXX circle".
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