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Why Can't I Add Any More People In My Google Plus' Circles?

You’re probably new to Google+, and you’re excited about it. You wanted to add more people to the new circles you created, but then, boom! You’re blocked. How did it ever occur? Why?

Well, Google+ is a technology, and is of course created by real people who understands what abuse is all about. Talking about ‘abuse,’ I don’t always mean those who are trying to trick the technology for their own advantage; I’m only talking about a seemingly irregular—or even obsessive—way of using the platform. Since Google+ is intelligent, it automatically refrains you from this behavior.

Here are some of reasons why you can't add a circle.

  • You follow users more than you have followers.
  • There's a daily limit to circle adds. You've probably added too much today. Try again tomorrow!
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By Pauline Cabrera

A twenty-something savvy web designer / social media manager / SEO strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. Follow me on social media and say hello! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Twitter

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