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Difference Between ‘in Your Circles’ And ‘have You In Circles’ In Google Plus

Having circles is Google’s fantastic way of grouping contacts in Google+ depending on category, relationship, business needs, and so on. Though the process of adding contacts to a circle can be fairly easy to anyone who’s just starting, there’re still some things you might want to get clarified on. One is identifying the difference between ‘in your circles’ and ‘have you in circles.’

Though the two may apparently sound identical, actually they’re not. To put you into the right perspective, think of a subject (you) and an object (a friend, for example).

In your circles

To be ‘in your circle’ means someone (Natasha, for example) is a member of your group. If you created a circle named ‘party friends,’ and you dragged Natasha to that group, then Natasha is in your circles. You are the owner or creator of that circle, and Natasha (your object of interest) is simply a member.

Have you in circles

To ‘have you in circles’ means that you’re now the object of interest and you have no control as to what circle you belong; you simply are a member of it as in Natasha’s case above.

Let’s say another friend of yours (let’s name him Edwin) created a circle named ‘Paris friends,’ and added you to that circle, it is in this case that Edwin has you in his circles, and it’s on you if you want to add him on yours.

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