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Sharing A Post From Newsfeed On Google+

Through Google+, you can update and tell people what’s going on in your life through status posts, photos, links, videos and hangouts. The feature also allows you to interact with other users since they can place comments or share your posts and vice-versa. Follow this easy tutorial on how to share posts from your newsfeed on Google+.


  1. Go to your Google+ homepage.
  2. HomePageGoogle
  3. On Google +’s share box select whether you want to share a post, photo, link, video or hangout.
  4. ShareBoxGoogle
  5. For texts, simply input what you want to share. You may also attach a photo, link, video, or event together with your text then press Share.
  6. TextGoogle
  7. For photos, you can upload images from your computer or Google+ photos then click Share. You can include a description for these images.
  8. PhotosGoogle
  9. For links, enter or paste a link then press Share. You can also add a description for the link/s.
  10. LinkGoogle
  11. For videos, you can upload your own video, Youtube videos or your own Youtube videos, record a video or enter URL then click Add video.
  12. VideoGoogle
  13. For hangouts, click Start a party then type something to let them know what you’re up to. Afterwards, add the people or specific circles you want to include in the Hangout party. Lastly, click Share to finalize and post the invitation.
  14. HangoutGoogle

Things you need to know:

  1. You can manage whom to share a specific post with. Just input the name, email address or circle that you wish to share it with at the To field.
  2. You may disable comments and sharing for each post by clicking the triangle icon in the To field.
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