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Changing About Section On Google +

By setting up a Google+ profile, others can get to know you better. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add or edit information in your About section on Google+.


  1. Click Home located at the upper left side of your Google+ page.
  2. HomeGoogle
  3. From the dropdown menu, click Profile.
  4. ProfileGoogle
  5. Click About. This can be found at the leftmost portion of the tab that will appear at the upper portion of your page. You may also click this link to go directly to your About section https://plus.google.com/112711961046146943134/about
  6. AboutGoogle
  7. You can now start editing your About portion. Sections include Basic Information, Contact Information, People, Story, Work, Education, Places, Links and Apps. Simply click Edit at the bottom of the particular section you want to modify. After making changes, click Save.
    1. Basic information section details your gender, who you are looking for, birthday, relationship status and other names.
    2. BasicInfoGoogle
    3. Contact information section contains your home and work contact numbers.
    4. ContactInfoGoogle
    5. People section displays persons you have in your circles and have you in their circles.
    6. PeopleSecGoogle
    7. Story section contains your tagline, introduction and bragging rights.
    8. TaglineGoogle
    9. Work section details your occupation, skills and employment history.
    10. WorkSecGoogle
    11. Education section shows schools you have attended.
    12. EduSecGoogle
    13. Places section displays areas where you lived.
    14. PalcesSecGoogle
    15. Links section lets you add public pages which you can include to your profile.
    16. LinkSecGoogle
    17. Apps section shows apps which you have signed in using Google +.
  8. AppSecGoogle

Things you need to know:

  1. You can modify your Google + visibility settings. It can be viewable by Public, Extended Circles, Your circle and Only you. The options vary per section.
  2. You can also see how your About portion appears to the public, a particular person or yourself. Simply click View Profile as, then select Yourself, Public or indicate a particular name.
  3. You may also change your profile picture and cover in your About portion.
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