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How To Mention In A Post On Google+

Google+ is renowned and doesn’t require any introduction. Google+ with its 340 million users is now the second largest social media network. It has communities and forums that allow interactive sessions that gather people having the same interest.

It also has a very easy to use and effective finding friend option, which helps you to find person from your workplace, university, college or school. Simple tagging or mentioning people in the comment or post is a very easy task at Google+.

It is a very useful thing when the post is huge and you need someone’s special attention on that post, or when you like someone else’s post and wants to share it with your friends.


This step by step tutorial will guide you how to mention a person in a post. There are two ways to tag a person in a post or comment. First way is by mentioning their name and second is through email address.

By person’s name:

  1. When you want to mention a person in a comment or a post, type + or @ before the person’s name.

    For Instance:

    1. +John
    2. @John
  2. As the first few letters of the person’s name are typed, auto complete list will appear that has names of the people. First priority of the names will be given to the people in your circle. After that, the person you want to mention can easily be selected from the list.

Note: Only the people who are using Google+ can be mentioned in the post with the names. Other people can see your post but it depends on your privacy settings- but those with no Google+ accounts cannot be mentioned in the post even if you type their full names.

By E-mail address:

  1. If you want to mention someone in a post or comment through his/her email address. Simply, before the email address type + or @

    For Instance:

    1. +example@g-mail.com
    2. @example@g-mail.com
  2. When you complete the post, the email address will mention the person.
  3. The email address can be used even for the persons who are not members of Google+

Note: If the post is locked by the original poster, people cannot be mentioned in the comment. Mentioning a person in a post can only be done in the original posts and the posts that are not locked. Notification will be sent to the mentioned people according to their notification settings.

Google+ is a good place to enjoy with friends and also with other people if you have common interest. It is very easy to use social network and still it is advertisement free. The Google is making some good changes in it. Hope this article has helped you; and now you can enjoy tagging friends and families.

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