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How To Transfer Photos From One Album To Another On Google+ (2013)

It is not that long that Google + has gone into business and began to act as a networking medium through the Internet. The social media was first launched as test drive in the month of June 2011. In that time, you need to get an invitation in order to be accepted as a user. But it went on to hit the Internet for everyone last year. Therefore, everyone is practically new in this site and they are not aware of everything that Google + have in stock for them.

One of the most common problems that people are coming into is regarding photos. The article will help to resolve such kind of regular problem.

How to Google+ Move Photos to Another Album:

  1. First thing you need to do is to go to your account. View your profile and click "Photos Tab".
  2. Select an album. Hover and click the "check mark" button on the photo(s) you intend to move. You can select multiple photos just by holding into the Ctrl button in the keyboard. Then click "Copy to album" button, located at the upper part of the screen.
  3. Now a pop out will appear and you would be given preference where to move the selected photos. You can either create a new album that was not in your account before. For doing so you need to enter a catchy title that you like for your photo album and give other details about it like the time when it was taken, who took the pictures and also the memories behind the picture that will help to recall the moments back when you see them. If you intend to transfer to an existing album, simply just click ‘choose an existing album’.
  4. Then you need to confirm that the things you do was correct and click Continue. When everything is done, you will find the required photos where you wanted it to be.

Now if you want to move individual photos, this will help:

  1. Go to your account and click on ‘Actions’
  2. If you want to transfer to another album, select ‘Move to another album’.
  3. Then click ‘choose an existing album’ to or make a new album and move the photo there.
  4. Click ‘continue’ and proceed.

The procedures that have been given in the article are pretty simple and there are no irrelevant or technical terms used that may mislead you. This article was made to help you and if it is properly followed, it is certain that you would come out successful.

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