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How To Hand Over An Access Of Your Gmail Account

Giving access to your account to someone else on Gmail is very easy. Google gives the access to 10 other users for personal use. The companies and organization can specify about 25 users.

The person who gets the access to your account can send, read, and delete emails, see all the contacts through contact lists or either through To, Cc, Bcc options presented in the mail composing area. The person can’t chat and access your account settings and also can’t change the password.

Organization employees can use this service for mailing and receiving the important business messages on someone else’s behalf. Spouses can use this to respond to each other’s emails.


  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and click the gear icon that is present on the right side of the screen. You will find ‘settings’ in the drop down menu- click on it.
  2. New page will be opened that will show the General tab, from the top of the screen go to Accounts tab. Scroll down a little until you see the "Grant access to your account" part; from here click on the Add another account link.
  3. In the email address area, add the email address of the desired person and click "next step". You will again be asked for the confirmation before proceeding- if you are sure, continues the process by clicking the “send email to grant access" button. If you are not then end it right here. The people to whom you are providing the access get the verification email.
  4. After the confirmation from the delegated person, the verification process will take 30 minutes to be completed. You can check the delegate confirmation through Account tab in settings.

NOTE: Access can only be granted to a person who has a Gmail account. This service is only valid till neither of the users changes their passwords in the next sign in. If the password is changed, setup will be ended with an error. The messages that are sent from other person through your account will have the sender name like this:

Your Name (sent by Delegate)

By following these steps you can easily set an access for your Gmail account. This Gmail service is proving to be very helpful in organizations and for personal use. It allows your trust-worthies to check the email for you whenever you are away and can’t access your account and to reply to some important emails in your absence.

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