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How To Block People Off Instagram App Using Smartphones

Once you set your Instagram account to public, it invites comments both good and bad. More often than not, you are also exposed to annoying people who just get into your nerves. To continue connecting with them is no longer a good thing. A step you can make to cut off any communication with a certain person is to block them from your profile or to unfollow them at Instagram.

Admit it, some people are just plain annoying and if you can't stand them anymore, blocking would be the best option to stop this.

There are many reasons why you need to block a person from viewing your activities. Whatever the reason may be, blocking a person in Instagram is very easy. Once you block that person, she/he is no longer able to search for your Instagram account. Note that the blocked person won't be notified once they're blocked.

How to delete/block someone on Instagram

  1. Go to the person's profile you want to block
  2. Tap the arrow button located at the top right of your screen tap the blue arrow button located at the top right
  3. A dialog box will show up, select the red button "Block User" . Select the red button Block User

There's other option to get rid of someone, you can unfollow them: click here to learn how to unfollow people off Instragram.

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