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How To Add Full Size Pictures On Instagram Using Apps


Have you ever been annoyed when you have to cut off (or crop) some parts of your photos in order to post them on Instagram? Well, I guess we all have. I mean, sometimes your picture looks better in full size or you don’t want half of your face getting cropped out.

Well, there’s always a solution for everything! You can download any of the following apps to help you upload a full-size photos to Instagram:

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What you only need to do is to download any of the apps to your phone, import your photo and then voila! Export to Instagram.

PS: Instagram's picture dimension is actually 612px X 612px.

Post Entire Photos on Instagram Without Cropping Using These Apps

  1. InstaSize: Available for both Apple and Android device. This one is my favorite. I can change the border colour and I can even zoom in/out the pictures easily. Requires iOS 5.1 or later (for Apple users). Instasize App to allow full size photos on Instagram.
  2. NoCrop: This app can be downloaded on App and Google Play Store. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Iphone 5. #Nocrop App for Apple and Android Users
  3. Whitagram: If you want a very simple one without any other editing features. This one is for you. Available for Apple users only. Whitagram Iphone App

These apps should help you load uncropped pictures on Instagram. No matter how large or big your photo is!

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