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How To Create Picture Collage For Instagram On Iphone


I love making photo collages! And many of you have been asking which app I use, it's called Moldiv. It has been my favorite photo collage editor.

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I've used many different photo collage apps but Moldiv is the best! It has various unique features including adjusting frames, adding multiple photos at a time, frames with different shapes, better photo filters, really cute add-on stickers and many more!

Here are some examples I've made using Moldiv (I love thick borders!)

Me & My Sister

Here's How You Make Photo Collage for Instagram

  1. First off, you need to download the Moldiv app from the App Store.
  2. Once it's done downloading, open Moldiv app.
  3. Select any frame and import the photos you want to add on your collage, then tap the "Apply" button. Select frame
  4. You may experiment with it, adjust the width of the frame, border, or even add filters. If you want to add photo effects (filters) or rotate or switch, you can click any of the photos imported and the various options should appear. Add effects, rotate, adjust frames.
  5. Once you're done editing your photo, you can now export the picture by clicking "save" button (tap the last option, located at the bottom right) and select "Instagram". Tap Instagram Option to Save Photo to Instagram
  6. And voila, here's the result of my experiment! Circled Shape Photo Collage

And that's that. Easy, right?

You can enjoy more of their features for $1.99. If you're into photo collage, it's worth purchasing one.

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